Terms Of Services

GameHay.io is a website that provides free games and applications for young people who love online games, but it’s not for children under 13 years old. Our games and applications here are safe for you, and absolutely do not contain malicious code that would harm your device…. Details

1 – Agreement

For members and users when accessing our website, by default, they agreed to our terms. We operate and always strictly comply with our nation’s regulations, as well as any other country you’re accessing from. Therefore, we ask our members to strictly comply with the rules of safety and security of the country in which they live.

2 – Copyright

In Gamehay.io all of our content and articles are edited by our team that works day and night. Therefore, we ask that members who visit our website strictly comply with copyright regulations.

When you want to share our articles on another website. Please contact us for permission. If we detect any website with copyrighted behavior, we will report it to take down, if you do not remove it, we will report it to the copyright defender and ask that party to resolve it.

All games and applications on this site are collected by us on reputable forums or it is developed by us and of course, the copyright will belong to us. If you want to bring anything to your website, please credit the source and don’t forget to ask for our permission.

3 – Age restriction

The games and apps we provide and share are age-restricted. specifically as below.

We do not allow members under the age of 13 to access some of our games and applications (we would like to emphasize “some games and applications”) because they are related to some issues such as violence. , ….vvv.

Of course, there will also be some games and apps we built specifically for you under the age of 13 to help train and develop your thinking ability.

4 – Prohibited access

When you visit our website, it means you agreed to our terms of use.

We will terminate the service or block access to any individual or organization that commits vandalism on our website that would cause negatively affect the community and affect our development direction. As well as anti-government acts, technology crimes, and illegal crimes.

On behalf of the administration of GAMEHAY.IO, we would like to thank all the members who have participated in supporting us.

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