Privacy Policy

We built with the goal of bringing a healthy entertainment playground to the gaming community, as well as those who love games and have a reading hobby in particular. So your use and feedback will help us improve the quality of the website.

Along with that is to help you have a good experience with our website and content. So please read the following information carefully.

1 – What will we have from you?

Once you join this community, login or visit the website. We will collect the following information about you

1.1 – Register information

If you proceed to register an account on our website, your registration information will be stored by us in our database, including the following information: Full name, Username, Date of birth, Email, Phone number, Profile picture, and related information are added latter…..

1.2 – Your content

We build this community for the good of many people. So, of course, the content you provide to us such as articles, games and apps you share… Or your comments and reviews will be collected by us for the purpose of creating good value. That contributes to building more and more professional content.

1.3 – Browser – Cookie – IP address

When you log into’s system, we will save the above information for the purpose of updating. Therefore we will help you have a better experience such as saving the language you often use, displaying the content. content that you often search for priority…..etc. Also, for frequent members, every month, we will have a small gift sent as encouragement in order to motivate people to build community together.

2 – How we use your information?

All information we collect from you is used by us. For the purpose of building a community that is developed in the healthiest way. We will never share your information with any 3rd party. also strictly prohibits members of the development team from disclosing or providing your information to anyone, or any 3rd party. (Except for criminal cases). So the security of your information will be absolute

The use of your information helps us to keep in touch between us and you, and helps you have a good experience when participating in the community. And in addition, we will have to ensure the safety of the community, as well as for yourself.

3 – Changes in the policy

As you know, nothing lasts forever, so changing our privacy policy and related policies is inevitable. We will directly edit the terms of the announcement as we deem necessary to build the community. We will notify you via Email or on our social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter….

Our journey and mission will always continue with your companionship. We will always aim for the best for the community. Thank you for accompanying

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